A change of direction


‘Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away’.

Clichéd, but oh so true.  Life is made up of countless experiences and in the few years I have spent in the world I have been lucky to have my share of good, bad and downright ugly episodes. There is still so much I want to see and do and share. My bucket-list keeps expanding and getting modified with each passing day.

So I have decided on a slight change of direction. From now I want to share my thoughts on not just travel but on life in general.

My quest of being a citizen of the world continues. It is slowly dawning on me that that concept doesn’t apply solely to someone who has travelled to many places, but to a person who shares the same joys, hopes, sorrows, aspirations, etc. as any other person living on a different part of the globe. It is a concept which goes much deeper than simply walking the cobblestoned paths of Europe or through the jungles of Borneo.

I would like to immerse myself in a place and time. understand what life, with all its vagaries means to someone else also.

So as I continue on this quest, I hope you will continue to be my companion.

Thanks for reading!


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One response to “A change of direction

  1. Vivek

    Oh I just loved this simple, but most genuine expression of life by you Sonali.


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